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The best way to learn about Cretan gastronomy is to explore it with your senses getting involved in the process of cooking according to traditional recipes and indulging in it.

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“​Super fun day!

Could not have been treated better. Welcoming and informative and all around a fun time. When we arrived, we had coffee and juices, enjoyed the views. Niko showed us techniques and we enjoyed not only the cooking lesson but also his personality as well as Katarina. I would do it again!  Donna H

Chania Gastronomy

Chania Gastronomy Tours were founded by the Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, a certified educational establishment specializing in Cretan gastronomy. It is the love for our region that has inspired us to launch the cooking classes for travellers and share this passion with them. 

Our team specializes in organizing private culinary tours and activities for foodie travellers and food professionals willing to experience the authentic taste of Crete. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for the culinary culture of our island, providing a personalized service and making sure that each guest enjoys the true flavours of Crete at his/her own pace.

​​​​Come to experience the authentic taste of Crete!

We love sharing our knowledge and passion for the culinary culture of our island.

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Our goal is to provide an excellent experience, great time and delicious food!

Great way to spend the day!

Cooking class at Chania Gastonomy was such a great way to spend one of our days on Crete. Our group consisted of my daughters 13 and 16, my husband and myself, and my mother. We all enjoyed the class, and of course – the end result – lunch! The ingredients were top notch and the portions plentiful. We all came away with some new skills to apply at home, and some simple, authentic Cretan recipes. We also enjoyed interacting with the other travelers. A huge thank you to Nick, our hostess and translator, Manolis (the owner), our chef, and the staff for such a fun experience.(And, I almost forgot to add that the team was very gracious about adapting the recipes so that our daughter who is allergic to dairy could enjoy everything).


                                         Denver, Colorado

Our Chef

chef nikos antonousakis

Hi, I’m Nikos.

Nikos Antonousakis,Chef & much more . . .

Nikos is a genuine Cretan, from Sfakia area, where beats the heart of tradition in  Chania. He grew up with grand mother’s home made cooking and as a little boy enjoyed helping and watching grandma to cook the food for the family or when there was a celebration at home or at the village.

Home made cheese from family goats.!!! Aromatic Honey from their own bees!!! Wine from grandpa vineyard!!!

Eating in a traditional Cretan home is a ritual that imposes memories and leaves an unforgettable memory of taste in the senses and soul. The little boy grew to a handsome lad with a great love for cooking transforming the unique ingredients of Cretan land to tasteful dishes.

Nikos has worked in different restaurants and recently he in charge of Blue restaurant.

Reserving a Chania Gastronomy Cooking Class will be a great experience with fun and tasteful food to enjoy with your friends and family. Nikos will guide you step by step to create the Cretan Dishes of the menu for an unforgettable memory you will take home.

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